Why is there so little smoke when barbequing with the LotusGrill?

The innovative operating principle of the LotusGrill ensures excessive smoke development is already avoided during lighting. Due to the active ventilation with the continuously adjustable regulator, the charcoal is glowed through within a few minutes; the combustion is thus complete in the shortest possible time and the grill is ready to use - which means that almost no smoke can be produced from the start. Even during grilling, the LotusGrill operates with minimal smoke, as the combustion chamber is covered by the stainless steel plate in the middle of the grill grate, which means that no fat can drip from above into the charcoal. In addition, the food is protected from burning (with resulting smoke) by the adjustable ventilation - the ventilation and thus the heat development in the grill can be regulated at any time. 

Why does the outer wall of the LotusGrill remain cool while grilling?

Due to the double-walled construction of the LotusGrill, the stainless steel inner bowl always remains separate from the outer bowl. During grilling, air circulates between the outer and inner bowl - cooling the outer bowl and the bottom of the grill. Therefore, the grill can be moved and placed on any surface even during grilling.

Can I also use the LotusGrill indoors?

For your safety, the LotusGrill may only be used outdoors. During the grilling process, combustion takes place inside the grill, producing the invisible and odourless gas carbon monoxide (CO). Even though the LotusGrill releases only a small amount of CO, the gas could still cause difficulty in breathing when used indoors and, in the worst case, lead to suffocation. 

How do I use the teppanyaki plate?

The LotusGrill teppanyaki plate made of cast aluminum can be used to cook Asian barbecue specialties. The plate is simply placed on the grill grate and can be used on both sides as well as with or without the grill hood. The plate is available in matching sizes for the LotusGrill Original (Ø approx. 291 mm) and the LotusGrill XL (Ø approx. 348 mm).

How do I use the pizza stone?

To make pizza, simply place the pizza stone made of high-quality Cordierite on the grill grate. It can be used with or without the grill hood.

How do I make fondue using the LotusGrill?

With the LotusGrill fondue attachment and the fondue bowl, the meat is roasted on the grill plate, while at the same time vegetables, mushrooms, fish, etc. are cooked in the bowl. The juices coming out of the meat run over the bulge of the grill plate into the broth and provide additional flavoring.

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries for the LotusGrill have an operating time of approx. 15 - 20 hours. If the high-quality mignon cells are properly removed from the grill and stored when not in use for a longer period of time, you can grill with them up to 25 times on average. Due to the increased energy consumption of the LotusGrill XXL, a slightly shorter usage time is possible. 

How much charcoal do I need for each grilling process?

The LotusGrill uses about 80% less charcoal than other grills. If you fill the charcoal container completely, you need about 150 - 200 grams of charcoal in the original model. This means that 2.5 kg of charcoal is enough for about 15 barbecues.

When do I need to replace the charcoal container?

The stainless steel charcoal container has a limited durability, as the stainless steel absorbs the heat of the charcoal inside and therefore burns up after a certain period of time. As long as the charcoal container has always been cleaned properly, it must be replaced after about a maximum of 80 uses.

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