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Longer barbecue fun with LotusGrill beech wood charcoal

In order to always achieve the best possible grilling result, you should always use the original LotusGrill beech wood charcoal. The burning value of this very dry charcoal is particularly high, and the size and grain of the charcoal pieces is also optimally adapted to the charcoal container. So you can count on a long burning time: depending on the ventilation level, one load of our beech charcoal lasts anywhere from 50 to 90 minutes. By comparison, less high-quality charcoal products sometimes burn out after just half an hour. 

If you do end up using a different kind of charcoal, be sure to chop up very large pieces before loading so that the container is filled with charcoal with as few gaps as possible. We do not recommend using charcoal briquettes or charcoal with an integrated accelerant.

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