Welcome to the delicious LotusGrill BBQ World! This is where you’ll always find brilliant new recipe ideas from all over the world, appetising inspiration, plus tips and tricks for experienced and budding pitmasters alike.

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Tedious scrubbing and cleaning? Not with the LotusGrill!

The LotusGrill is particularly easy to clean inside and out.

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How to best cover the grill grate

With the LotusGrill, your food can always cook evenly, no matter how many items you put on it at the same time.

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Extended barbecue party? You can reload charcoal so easily

Even during the barbecue, you can easily reload the charcoal if necessary.

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Longer barbecue fun with LotusGrill beech wood charcoal

In order to always achieve the best possible grilling result, you should always use the original LotusGrill beech wood charcoal.

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To prevent your barbecue food from burning ...

As soon as the lighting gel has burned and the charcoal has glowed through (after approx. 3 minutes), reset the ventilation to a lower level using the adjustable regulator.

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What you should pay attention to when lighting the LotusGrill

We recommend that you always light your barbeque grill with the original LotusGrill lighting gel made from ethanol.

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